Reservation Terms and Conditions - Magic Of Bali Villas

Reservation Terms and Conditions

Reservation Terms and Conditions

  1. When choosing a villa, the Customer shall be able to use the advice of MagicOfBali’s manager or fill out the inquiry form, which is attached to the description of each villa. After filling out the form, a request for the villa, for which the Customer wants to make a reservation, shall be automatically sent, and the Customer shall be able to ask any questions related to the villa.
  2. After that, MagicOfBali’s manager shall connect the Customer to clarify all the information, suggestions and questions the Customer is interested in. The manager shall be entitled to take the questions and wishes of the Customer, but he/she shall not be entitled to fulfill this request without the owner’s written confirmation.
  3. When the Customer determining with check-in/out dates and a choice of a villa and confirming the reservation, MagicOfBali send a bill for the payment of a non-refundable deposit (in amount of 20-50% of the total cost of the villa) for the reservation of the villa. The remaining amount shall be paid 30-60 days before arrival (unless otherwise is negotiated with MagicOfBali). MagicOfBali shall be entitled to adjust the deposit amount depending on the season and a villa type.
  4. If the Customer reserves a villa less than 30 days before, he/she shall pay full reservation amount of non-refundable deposit.
  5. After the Customer has paid the deposit, he/she shall send a photo or a scan of his/her passport.
  6. When the Customer makes a deposit, he/she shall thereby confirm that the rental agreement was entered into between the Customer and MagicOfBali. The paid invoice serves as the agreement between the Customer and MagicOfBali.
  7. If the Customer fails to make payment within 3 working days from receipt of notice from MagicOfBali’s manager, MagicOfBali shall be able to cancel a request to the villa(s).
  8. The Customer shall be able to pay (deposit/remaining amount) in any currency equivalent to USD.
  9. The rental agreement will be considered to be invalid without notification from MagicOfBali on confirmation of payment. Automatic payment report from payment gateways is considered as notification of agreement between Customer and MagiOfBali.
  10. After paying the non-refundable deposit and the non-refundable remaining amount, the Customer shall be sent message about accommodation, where all the information on the reservation details will be indicated. Any paid invoice from MagicOfBali also contain all information. If need more details Client should request it from MagicOfBali.
  11. When checking-in, the Customer shall pay the rest or provide the paid invoice and his/her passport in printed or electronic form. Customer can not use villa or facilities villa until total amount was paid in full. 
  12. Online reservations on the website MagicOfBali is already include a booking confirmation. It is sent to the e-mail specified by the client after payment of the reservation. The reservation is not refundable.

Living Conditions at the Villa and the Number of Guests

  1. The number of guests shall fully comply with the maximum permissible number of beds (including children and infants).
  2. If the number of guests exceeds the maximum permissible number of beds, MagicOfBali shall be entitled to demand an additional fee for them or prohibit checking for additional persons.
  3. Checking into the villa with pets shall be prohibited.
  4. Dear Customer, you shall make a reservation for the villa only to live in it.
  5. If the Customer has planned any event: wedding, birthday or other event, which suggests that there will be a large crowd of guests at the villa, the he/she shall inform MagicOfBali at reservation and receive its notification with the confirmation in writing.
  6. MagicOfBali may require an increase of payment or the amount of guarantee, depending on the number of guests and characteristics of the event.
  7. MagicOfBali shall be entitled to disagree with holding the event because sometimes, villas are located in residential areas where its own rules and regulations are in force.
  8. If MagicOfBali has given the Customer a written confirmation for the event negotiated, the Customer shall obtain permission from the police and local agencies prior to holding the event.
  9. MagicOfBali shall not be responsible for and exercise control over the approval or refusal of such permission by the police and local agencies.
  10. In case of refusal to carry out such events at the villa, MagicOfBali or its manager shall refund the money the Customer has paid for the event (if the amount was negotiated and paid).
  11. MagicOfBali shall not be entitled to refund the Customer the cost for renting the villa or other unforeseen costs in case of refusal by the police and local agencies.

Cost for Renting and the Guarantee

  1. The following services shall be provided by the stuff free of charge: daily housekeeping at the villa, dishwashing, changing bedding and towels (once every three days), pool cleaning service, gardening, cleaning and rubbish removal. Additional services shall be provided in coordination with MagicOfBali and confirmed in writing. Additional services shall be paid by the Customer himself/herself.
  2. Such services, as Wi-Fi Internet, mobile communication (only for local calls) and utility payments, shall be provided free of charge.
  3. Sugar, tea and coffee shall be available on each villa. The rest of the food and articles for personal use shall be bought and paid by the Customer himself/herself.
  4. MagicOfBali shall provide free of charge a baby cot or one extra bed.
  5. When approving the reservation, the amount of guarantee shall be discussed. The amount shall be set by MagicOfBali depending on the villa type.
  6. The guarantee shall be paid in cash to the manager of the villa in accommodation.
  7. MagicOfBali shall be entitled to refuse the accommodation if the guarantee is not paid in full.
  8. As general, MagicOfBali shall refund the guarantee on the day of departure of the Customer, if any damages, breakages or losses of property are not found during the inspection.
  9. If repair of damaged property or restore of the lost assets was necessary during the rental period, MagicOfBali’s manager shall be entitled to retain the required amount (a part of the guarantee) to clarify the circumstances and the amount of damage indemnification to MagicOfBali.

Check-in/out Time. Access

  1. The check-in time shall be 14:00. If the Customer’s arrival for some reason is delayed for some time (flight delay or any other reason), the Customer shall inform MagicOfBali’s manager.
  2. The check-out time shall be 12:00. The check-in and check-out time shall be counted by local time.
  3. The Customer shall be able to make a reservation for early check in/late check-out in advance by paying 30% of the total cost per day (unless otherwise is specified in the agreement).
  4. If the Customer desires to extend the accommodation at the reserved villa, he/she shall send MagicOfBali a request in writing. Extension of the accommodation shall be allowed only subject to the availability of villas.
  5. If the villa, which the Customer wants to extend, is busy on the desired dates by other guests, the Customer shall be offered another free villa.
  6. The Customer shall be entitled to settle villa, which is fully equipped with everything the Customer need, and adjacent to it territory at time of rental.
  7. MagicOfBali shall have an access to visit the villa by its staff for cleaning the territory and premises, changing bedding and towels and providing other services, which are included in the rental cost and are indicated in the description of the villa or by reason of urgent or planned repair.

Rules of Conduct at the Villa

The Customer shall comply with the rules of public order and fire safety requirements.

It shall be strictly prohibited to:

  • smoke in closed spaces and rooms;
  • store and use pyrotechnics, flammable and combustible liquids, explosives and other flammable substances;
  • make fires in the territory of the villa;
  • distribute and store weapon and drugs;
  • crush cigarettes by items not intended for extinguishing;
  • make noise, shout, arrange family conflicts and hellbenders, switch on audio and video equipment at full volume, especially after 22:00, and on special days stipulated by local laws and regulations.

The Customer shall commit cleanliness in the territory of the villa and throw garbage in designated refuse bins.

If any a questions or problems as for the service are arisen on the side of the Customer during the rental of the villa, he/she shall apply to the manager of the villa.

MagicOfBali shall be entitled to cancel the agreement/or to refuse to extend the period of accommodation and require that the Customer and his/her guests/visitors should immediately leave the territory of the villa, if any complaints of the bad behavior of these persons, a violation of the public order regulations, sanitary regulations, fire safety, damage property or other are arisen. In this case MagicOfBali shall be entitled not to refund money for the payment of rent of the villa or any compensation thereof.

Personal Safety and Personal Things Security

MagicOfBali and its manager shall not be responsible for:

  • personal security of the Customer;
  • damage or loss of valuables of the Customer;
  • safety, damage or loss of vehicles that the Customer has rented.

It shall be necessary:

  • that the Customer should close all doors and windows at night or while the Customer are away to preserve the personal things security;
  • to remove important documents and valuables in a safe;
  • not to leave visitors and unfamiliar people at the villa.

The parents shall be responsible for the life and health of their children of minority age during the rental period.

Cancellation of Reservation

  1. In case of cancellation of the reservation by the Customer, the deposit shall not be refunded.
  2. If on arrival, the Customer decides to leave on the same day or before the end of the rent, the amount paid shall not be refunded.
  3. If the Customer makes any claims in respect of the villa, he/she shall inform MagicOfBali or MagicOfBali’s manager of them.
  4. In case of cancellation of the reservation by the Customer, the remaining amount shall not be refunded and must be paid in full.
  5. Special cancellation conditions shall be able to be applied depending on the season and a villa type that will be specified in the reservation confirmation.
  6. The latest terms having been sent to the Customers shall be valid and cancel the previous ones.

Price Change

  1. Once MagicOfBali’s manager has confirmed the Customer’s reservation, the price shall be guaranteed.
  2. In exchange rate fluctuations, the value specified in the agreement shall also remain unchanged, even if the price has dropped, so MagicOfBali shall not be obliged to make any cash refunds.
  3. MagicOfBali shall be entitled to levy taxes or other fees, which were introduced by the state or other authorities and were unknown at time of conclusion of the agreement.
  4. MagicOfBali shall be obliged to inform the Customer if any taxes or other fees are levied during the reservation.
  5. It shall be unlikely to change the agreement terms after conclusion, but such possibility shall not be able to be completely ruled out.

Change of the Confirmed Reservation

  1. It shall not be possible to change the confirmed reservation after confirmation.
  2. It shall not be possible to change the confirmed reservation, if other guest has already made a reservation on the requested dates.
  3. In the event of force majeure, in which MagicOfBali cannot accommodate the Customer at the villa selected and paid by him/her, MagicOfBali shall, by agreement with the Customer, provide a villa of the same class and value. If the price of the other villa is different or its price is less than the reserved villa, MagicOfBali shall compensate the Customer the difference. If the price of another villa is higher, the Customer shall compensate MagicOfBali the difference.
  4. MagicOfBali shall not be liable if the reservation changes have been caused by force majeure circumstances, such as natural disasters, natural catastrophes, riots, airport closure, flight ban or other circumstances that MagicOfBali cannot control or change.


  1. MagicOfBali and its staff shall try to do everything possible so that the Customer’s vacation should be the best memory!
  2. The Customer shall immediately contact the manager of the villa or MagicOfBali’s owner, if during the accommodation at the villa he/she has any problems, questions or suggestions related to its service personnel or directly with the villa. MagicOfBali shall do everything possible to solve the problems and answer all the Customer’s questions.
  3. If the manager was not able to satisfy the Customer’s desire or resolve the problem, the Customer shall contact MagicOfBali in writing.
  4. The Customer’s claim shall be considered only during his/her staying at the villa.
  5. If during staying at the villa, the Customer doesn’t report any complaints, MagicOfBali shall deem there are no complaints, and further complaints shall not be considered.

Meals and Additional Services

  1. The Customer shall buy food products and things of personal use himself/herself as MagicOfBali’s villas are an accommodation with a self-service system.
  2. At the Customer’s request (that is previously discussed with MagicOfBali or the manager the villa), the staff shall be able to purchase food products and prepare breakfasts at the villa, as well as provide services of a chef, barbecue and massage at the villa from the best service providers.
  3. The Customer shall be able to get to know of other additional services at the manager of the villa or by sending an e-mail request to MagicOfBali.
  4. The additional services shall not be included in the villa rental cost, and they shall be agreed with MagicOfBali.
  5. The Customer shall pay for the additional services on the spot or by transferring the funds after discussing with MagicOfBali.

MagicOfBali’s Responsibility/Disclaimer

  • MagicOfBali shall be responsible for the published information containing descriptions of villas, the payment procedure, prices, the Reservation Terms and Conditions and all necessary information on our website.
  • MagicOfBali shall publish this information solely for the interests of the Customer and for information purposes only! The Company shall not be responsible for the Customer’s choice.

MagicOfBali shall not be responsible for:

  1. the safety of the Customer and his/her things of personal use;
  2. vehicles that the Customer has rented during the villa rental period;
  3. valuables unattended (if the Customer has left the villa without closing windows and doors or invited unfamiliar people to the villa);
  4. any body injuries;
  5. accidents, which have lead to death or disease;
  6. the inability to use the villa for the entire rental period or a part of it for any reason;
  7. the cancellation of the reservation due to any reason, which MagicOfBali cannot prevent, such as floods, earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruption or activities, strikes, riots, acts of terrorism or a threat of terrorist attacks, epidemies, airport closures, cancellation of flights or others;
  8. the Customer’s choices and decisions;
  9. the Customer’s inattention when reading the Reservation Terms and Conditions and incorrect interpretation of it;
  10. MagicOfBali shall be responsible for the data published for information purposes only on MagicOfBali’s site.

Attention! MagicOfBali shall not reimburse or compensate the amount of any payments in excess of the amount of the villa rental.